Parent Handbook


We are beginning another exciting year at South Lawn!  The staff at South Lawn is highly skilled, motivated, caring, and ready to provide your child with a quality education.  This school has a reputation of excellence; we will maintain that standard and strive to always become better.  In order to maintain our positive learning environment, here are some guidelines for everyday procedures.  Thank you in advance for your positive support, and for allowing us to be a part of your child’s education.



We will no longer be serving breakfast in the cafeteria each morning.  We will, however, be offering Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC).  This is a fantastic program where every student on campus will receive the opportunity to eat a nutritious breakfast as soon as they arrive in their classroom at 7:55 am.  Promptly at 8:15 each day, breakfast will end.  Best of all, the BIC program is free to all students.  No South Lawn student will ever be charged for Breakfast in the Classroom.   


Arrival at School:

When students arrive they will be expected to read, write, or study without talking until morning dismissal (7:50-7:55).  Each morning we will open the entrance doors no earlier than 7:30 A.M.  Students should not arrive before this time. 

  • PreK – 2nd grade will be in the cafeteria
  • 3rd grade – 5th grade will be in the GYM

Each day during morning arrival time several students will be chosen to sit and read in the Dragon Den.  This is a special privilege for students who bring materials and stay quiet during this time. 


Attendance and Tardies:

As you know, attendance is critical to student success; and, state law requires students attend a minimum of 90% of the school year, however, our goal at South Lawn is to achieve 99%.  We truly appreciate your cooperation in keeping your child in school as much as possible.  Childhood illnesses always create the potential for absences, so it’s important to save your days for those times.  If for any reason your child is absent, please contact the office at 326-5401.

  • Excused Absence – Parents notify school of absence, doctor’s note given to office or sent home by school nurse
  • Unexcused Absence – Any absence not reported to school or any absence over 10 days will be unexcused unless a doctor’s note is received.

It is important to schedule appointments for after school hours so that your child is present for all the learning going on in their classrooms.  Tardies are marked at 8:05 although the school day begins at 7:55 when teachers pick up their class.  Frequent tardies have a tremendous negative impact on student performance, therefore it is very important to have your child here by 7:55.  After five absences/tardies you will receive written notification from the school.  After ten absences you will receive another letter from the school notifying you that all future absences will only be excused with a doctor’s note or if the student is sent home by the school nurse.



In order to respect learning time we do not take time out of the school day for birthday parties.  Invitations to birthday parties may not be passed out or delivered during the school day.  Due to tightening of state laws regarding Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value, parents or students may no longer bring birthday snacks (cakes, cupcakes, drinks…) to give to students. 


Cell Phones:

According to AISD Board policy, Elementary School students are prohibited from having cell phones on campus.  We ask for your help by reminding your students they may not bring their cell phone to school (even if it is turned off all day.)



Parents and grandparents are always welcome in our cafeteria for lunch.  Again, our laws are becoming more and more specific concerning nutritional value of the foods we serve children.  We know children enjoy getting foods from home and area restaurants, however, if you choose to bring outside food to your child, please remember it can only be served to your child.  State regulations prohibit guests from providing any type of food to anyone besides their own child.  When eating with your child at lunch please avoid inviting other children to eat with you and your child.  We have a designated area for you to eat lunch with your child.


While morning arrival is silent; lunch is a perfect time for students to socialize and to take that much needed ‘brain break’ to get re-energized and ready to spend the afternoon learning.  At lunch time students are not only allowed to visit but encouraged to spend this time in conversation with classmates sitting around them. 


We have high behavioral expectations at South Lawn, and we know we can count on your support and assistance.  Since we expect all people to be treated with respect, we require that fighting, name-calling, put downs, obscenities, rude speech and similar behaviors be totally avoided.  A communication folder will be sent home each week to inform you of your child’s behavior during the preceding week.  Your child’s teacher is always just an email, phone call, or parent conference away, so if you have questions about your child’s behavior, feel free to contact them. 


This year, we are continuing the discipline initiative called Positive Behavior Supports.  This initiative is based on positive incentives that encourage children to demonstrate appropriate behaviors.  Hopefully you will hear your child talking about the blue ticket prizes or fun activities they’ll purchase with their ‘PBS’ blue tickets.



Our dismissal time is 3:00 P.M.  Students will be escorted to the appropriate pick up destination and supervised until 3:10 P.M.  A dismissal map is attached to this packet.  After 3:10 P.M. parents will need to come into the office and check the child(ren) out.  We appreciate your support; this will ensure our children are safe.  Kindergarten and Morning Pre-K students will have alternate dismissal times.  Kindergarten dismisses daily at 1:30 P.M.  Morning PreK dismisses at 11:00 A.M.


In order to facilitate our dismissal time in a more efficient manner, we are asking you to complete a Dismissal Card.  We will keep this information so that it is clear where each student goes after school.  We understand these plans will sometimes change, and when a change is necessary, we ask you to contact the office no later than 2:30 PM.  That gives us sufficient time to notify the child and teacher before dismissal.  For arrival and dismissal we ask that you follow the following safety procedures:

  • Pull up to the curb on the correct side of the street
  • Walk children across the street
  • Do not enter the teacher parking lot
  • Be courteous of other drivers and pull all the way to the curb and never stop in the middle of the street
  • Be patient during the peak times of drop off and pick up (15 minutes before school and 10 minutes after school)
  • Remind your children to use crosswalks when they cross the street

During the day:

Please clarify your child’s instructions for after-school activities so that interruptions for further instructions are not needed during the school day.  If for some reason you need to communicate with your child during the school day, we welcome you to join your student for lunch.  Interruptions to our instructional day will be reserved for extreme emergencies.


Although you are always welcome to visit your child’s classroom, visits during instructional time are permitted only with principal approval; and, such visits are not permitted if their duration or frequency interfere with the delivery of instruction or disrupt the normal school environment.  This is district policy and is intended to allow all students optimal learning time.  Please help us maintain an uninterrupted learning environment and help your child develop independence and responsibility.


SLED (South Lawn Extended Day):

SLED is a paid program for parents who need after school care for their child(ren) in Kindergarten - 5th grade.  The program is available until 6:00 P.M.  Please call the school office at 326-5401 for more information.


Family Access

You may log onto Family Access via the AISD homepage.  This gives parents access to their child’s grades/attendance/discipline so that you can closely monitor their achievements aside from progress reports and report cards.  Please contact the office for your login and password.



All visitors are required to check in through the front office.  Our office staff will assist you in using our Check In/Check Out system.  All South Lawn staff members have been instructed to ask visitors without a pass to please return to the front office to check in.  This allows us to monitor all persons entering the building.  Your student’s safety is our top priority.


The Amarillo ISD mission statement is to “Graduate every student prepared for success beyond high school.”  At South Lawn we truly believe that what we do every day leads your children to that goal.  We value your support and commitment to the education of every South Lawn Dragon!